Extra Cost Options

Optional Key Shapes
A key shape other than the standard round or oval styles can be requested as long as the overall key size is less than 22 by 10 inches including the standard 2-inch shaft diameter. This means that each key "tab" must be less than 10 x 10 inches.

Some shapes may not fit the vehicle or require special shaft lengths to also be designed. In this case the key becomes a "custom" and will be quoted as a custom.

Optional Colors or Finishes
The standard powder coat colors are "silver" which is similar to what is found on most alloy wheels or "satin black." Custom colors can be supplied; or a shiny polished finish can be supplied; but these require additional cost.

There is no guarantee that any color will match any vehicle color.

Key can also be supplied with a bare aluminum, media-blasted finish which the customer can then have painted (at their own expense) to match their car.

Option No.
Custom Shape Shapes for key tabs
less than 10 x 10 inches
Bare Aluminum Bare key and base for custom painting by customer OPT-BARE
Custom Color
powder coated
Optional color - (specify)

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Revised: 3/21/11