The WindUpKey L.L.C. windup keys for vehicles (hereafter called the “Product”) are sold as a novelty item and are not intended to serve any useful purpose or guarantee any benefit for the buyer.  WindUpKey L.L.C., its owners or employees cannot be liable for any damages that may occur involving the use or display of this Product.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to periodically check the Product for secure mounting and proper operation; and to be alert for any loose component or connection.  In the event of any failure of the Product, WindUpKey L.L.C. will only be liable for replacement of the Product or refund of the original purchase price of the Product itself.   Damages to the vehicle, other property or any persons are the responsibility of the buyer.    Buyers are encouraged to carry proper liability insurance on their vehicle at all times.

The buyer should also be aware that the Product can be a distraction for others or cause additional attention from others and therefore the buyer should exercise caution operating the Product while driving in congested or high-speed traffic or during any other situation where such distractions could be a safety hazard. The buyer should also be aware that the Product attracts small children and to be particularly careful when backing up the vehicle in case small children may not be seen behind the vehicle.

Receipt and installation of the WindUpKey on the owner’s vehicle constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Revised: 7/12/09